The business world is undergoing a historical paradigm shift, and the industry of board meetings is not far behind. Thanks to Azeus Convene board software, virtual conferences provide easy audience access and are less expensive than physical events. Here is more about it. 

An overview of the Azeus Convene board solution

Board meetings are a high-quality working tool for solving many problems. There is a whole bunch of such tasks, from the exchange of information on the status of decisions made to brainstorming sessions, during which new ways to improve the product are born, as well as details of the transformation of the management system. Besides, regardless of the format, the board meeting has an excellent chance of being a full-fledged working tool in the hands of a manager who needs to achieve results with the team. A high-quality meeting is a tool for decentralizing the management system, and it is a way to involve people in making important decisions. It is also a way of motivation, a tool for shaping the desired behaviors of managers.

Today the situation forces us to transfer board meetings to an online format. For this purpose, the collegial bodies implement board portal solutions like Azeus Convene. Moreover, the platform will interest employees of administrative units, referents, and assistants to managers, who ensure the effectiveness of meetings between superiors and clients or colleagues.

Azeus Convene places meetings in a single information field of the company, which makes it possible to:

  • reduce the cost of implementing each step in the board meeting cycle;
  • control the time spent on meetings in the aggregate;
  • analyze their usefulness;
  • ensuring control over the implementation of the decisions of the meetings.

An important component of a successful board meeting is the fixation of agreements or a protocol of decisions. Modern collegial bodies practice keeping minutes online in Azeus Convene. However, it isn’t easy because it requires high speed, deep knowledge of the context, and formulation of the essence of the discussion in sync with the discussion. Therefore, it is recommended to display the minutes on the screen and return the participants to the wording of the decisions, pronouncing them simultaneously with the demonstration on the screen. It forms a single field of concepts and agreements right in the meeting process and removes or at least reduces resistance.

How does the software contribute to the preparation of the meetings?

The Azeus Convene board management software can automate most of the board meeting preparation procedures:

  • Materials for the preliminary study are attached to the “Meetings” card and are updated by responsible persons. No more transfers are needed. There will be no confusion about versions. Notifications about the need to familiarize themselves with the materials are sent from the “Meetings” card. The meeting organizer will track who reads the materials right in the program.
  • Decisions of the meeting are recorded in the minutes, indicating the executor and deadlines for implementation. Thus, an order is created that can be tracked, and a report on which is required.
  • You have the opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of meetings. You can create your formula for meeting performance and efficiency indicators based on the data.
  • By setting the event classification, you will receive an archive of materials that will save resources when organizing events in the future.

So, automating board meetings operations, the Azeus Convene software transforms how board directors communicate and collaborate. The solution also creates a single information space for the organization with efficient file-sharing tools.


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